Managing mental health during the holidays

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Managing mental health during the holidays

During the Christmas season, many of us anticipate celebrations and good times with our loved ones. Yet, for some people, this time can expedite or intensify pressure, anxiety and depression during the holidays.

There are an assortment of variables that can bring about anxiety and depression during the holidays. A few people go through expanded monetary troubles because of traveling across the country or giving family gifts,. Others may feel overpowered as the Christmas season frequently incorporates a stuffed schedule of gatherings, meetups and socialization that can be hard to offset with regular duties and self-care. Also, the very real desires to give immaculate presents and plan flawless family gatherings. In the same vein, others who are spending their holidays alone without friends or family are at risk.

In the event that you are encountering any of these difficulties, here are some adapting tips you can use to manage your mental health

Keep going with your Therapy

In spite of the fact that the Christmas season is overwhelmingly occupied, don’t drop your ongoing therapy treatment sessions. Ensure you set aside a few minutes for different self-care or mindfulness exercises. The special seasons can raise troublesome feelings. On the off chance that you can, and this is offered by your medical team, keep your planned therapy sessions to guarantee you have the mental space to discuss whatever comes up.


We’ve all heard it by now, mindfulness can be a significant mental wellbeing tool. Certain practices can be especially useful on the off chance that you are voyaging or running on a surprising timetable. You can practice mindfulness anywhere and everywhere. It might be worth making a small laminated card with some mindful practices, or even downloading one of the many mindfulness and meditation apps that are out there, such as Calm.

Try not to Rely On Drugs And Alcohol

Experts suggested keeping away from alcohol, drugs or any mood alterning substances when struggling with mental health issues. It might be tempting to use these as social lubricant, but there is a greater chance of compounding your issues of anxiety, depression, paranoia, anger, lowered inhibitions or other symptoms of your mental health issues. At the point when you believe you need an unwinding help, you can rather go to a mindfulness strategy or other sound method for dealing with stress.

Set Realistic Expectations

Another significant wellspring of anxiety, stress and depression around the special seasons can be looking at achievements from the previous year. This is especially compounded with the prospect of re-uniting with friends and family where comparisons might happen. Some may encounter negative emotions over not being at a spot they believe they “ought to be” throughout everyday life. Get yourself out of this space by defining sensible objectives. For instance, in case you’re attempting to set up an activity schedule, take a stab at defining an objective of talking a walk two times each week instead of vowing to do CrossFit consistently.

While the battle to manage your mental health issues, can feel confining, always remember that you are a long way from alone. Look for help from proficient medical practitioners, keep up your self-care schedules and incorporate mindfulness into your days as you approach 2020.

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